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1.0.5 2019-02-12 15:00 UTC


The purpose of this extension is to allow agencies, developers and webmasters to display their work with various functionalities.


  • Handle main porfolio features (list, reader...)
  • Create and attach tags to portfolio items
  • Create attributes and fill values for each items
  • Use the Contao pages as Portfolio categories
  • Attach multiple files to portfolio items and display them in your templates

System requirements

  • Contao 3.*
  • Contao 4.* (Manager Edition)


Clone the extension from Packagist (Contao Manager) or Download and paste the folder in system/modules of your Contao Website.



This extension is licensed under the terms of the Apache License 2.0. The full license text is available in the main folder.

Getting support

Visit the support page to submit an issue or just get in touch :)

Installing from Git

You can get the extension with this repository URL : Github